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Are You Looking For Superior Value in Graphic Design?

When choosing graphic design services you should find one that maximizes your business objectives.  In other words find a graphic designer that is an investment not an expense.  In today’s market you can obtain graphic design with rates that range from overseas “on-the-cheap” to the big-time rates that a Manhattan agency might charge.  However, price is only one component of finding the best value in a graphic design company.   Below are the 5 keys to choosing a graphic designer that can help maximize return on your marketing investments.  Yes, graphic design should be an investment with a healthy return…

5 Keys To Finding The Best Value In Graphic Design:


1. Understands business and marketing –

Do your graphic designers understand how graphic design services fit into the overall business and marketing plan?  Your logo, ads, brochures or website should be designed to target your specific market.  We did a logo for a chimney cleaning service that was an illustration of a chimney with human characteristics – it had a chimney sweep’s hat and brush as well as a face and arms. It is not a high tech business and all types of homeowners use the service so we made the logo very friendly.   In another case, we did a logo for a medical pain center using a muted green blue and an illustration of a statue of the Greek goddess of pain relief.  This logo had to be extremely high-end and refined.  Your design, whether it is a logo, an ad, a brochure or a website must buttress your value proposition and have the right look and feel for your target market.

2. Experienced with a substantial portfolio –

If you do not review a graphic design firm’s portfolio before you do business with them – buyer beware!  Look to see if they can design and make pieces pop for all types of product and then see if the pieces were designed for the specific market that was targeted.  For example, we did a pocket folder for a marketing firm that specializes in visual marketing.  The principal of the firm had Madison Avenue experience and was targeting mid-sized and larger firms.  He was looking for a logo and pocket folder that communicated that he was creative, knew how to help larger firms with their branding and could “deliver the goods” for these larger firms. His layouts and typefaces had to be distinctive and say “creativity”, as well as convey that he was a business man too.  In the end this client needed a “Madison Avenue” level of creative services (see testimonial below).  Another client was selling the exact same vitamins that you can buy at a large chain.  The major benefit of doing business with them was that you could buy these vitamins for 20 – 70% less.  We did not do a highbrow design but rather a huge red starburst that clearly stated that you would save this much.  We needed attention and designed the ad with cost-conscious people in mind.  We added a coupon for additional saving if they joined a VIP program and it did the trick.


“As someone who comes from an advertising (NYC) agency background, I just wanted to thank you for all of the effort with regards to Steamboat’s corporate branding project.  Accelerated Advertising has delivered agency level creativity and service while understanding the constraints of a growing business.  We are extremely pleased with the design, copy and ultimately the direction of our corporate identity.  Thanks again for everything!”

–       Jason Nanus, Steamboat Marketing


3. Ability to listen and capture your vision –

In order to provide the maximum return on your marketing investment, a graphic designer must be able to listen to you.  The designer must gain a clear understanding of your goals and vision and then have the creativity to bring that vision to life.  Once again the design of a logo, an ad, a trade show booth or a website must help the business achieve its business goals.  If a designer really listens, grasps the vision of the business and brings it to life in the design, s/he has delivered true value.  This cannot be accomplished in a 5-minute call at a price that allows for only one revision.  This cannot be accomplished at off-shore rates.   If done correctly, it will yield a return that is enjoyed for years and years.  Once again, in graphic design, value not price should guide your decision.

4. Professionalism –

Professionalism and the ability to meet deadlines is an essential piece to finding value in a graphic design firm.   We have heard many horror stories… one that really sticks out was about designers so intent on creating the “Mona Lisa” of logos, and ads etc… that they missed a deadline for an annual publication.  The client had to use his old “dated” ads and logos.  Needless to say it became an easy account for us to pick up.  If the designer is not professional enough to work with your business goals and deadline do you really need the “Picasso” of graphic designers????

5. Easy to Work with –

You need a graphic designer that will work closely with you and work the way you want.  You need to be comfortable with her/him and know that your information is going to stay private until it hits public domain.  If you are not comfortable with your designer find a graphic design firm that works with you in the manner you like to work.


Accelerated Advertising prides itself on being one of the best values for small and mid-sized businesses and provides all 5 keys mentioned above.  We deliver agency level graphic design services at prices that do not choke small and mid-sized businesses but we do not stop there. Additionally, we can provide copywriting that complements the design and/or marketing plans that help you get to the next level cost-effectively.  We are very experienced in Guerrilla Marketing, utilizing energy, creativity, innovation, information and technology instead of “carpet bombing” techniques that are costly and have lots of waste.  This is why we are a value leader in graphic design in the Metro New York City Area, Nothern New Jersey and Southern Connecticut.

Accelerated Advertising is located in Nanuet, in Rockland County,  New York.