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Marketing Services
Marketing Outsourcing

Outsourcing Marketing Services Can Make Your Company More Competitive – let us explain how….

Accelerated Advertising is a full service advertising and marketing company that has over twenty years’ experience providing targeted solutions for all types of business.  We are based out of Nanuet in Rockland County, New York.  We service Rockland, Westchester and Orange counties as well as Metro New York City and the Hudson Valley in New York.  In New Jersey we service Bergen County and Northern New Jersey.  We also work in Fairfield County and Southern Connecticut.

Advertising and Internet marketing are central to every business in America today. In the natural progression of successful companies there comes a time where they need additional and/or more sophisticated marketing services.   Some businesses go the route of hiring a talented director of marketing to be the center of all the companies marketing programs. This solution to advertising programs can carry a total expense of $100 -$200,000 or more… when benefits, perks and offices space are added to the equation.

Accelerated Advertising, LLC offers you cost-effective marketing outsourcing services that are tailored for small and mid-sized businesses and their budget constraints.   You can outsource everything from a single project to your entire corporate marketing program!   If you do not have the need or the budget for a full time marketing director please consider the following idea:  First, contact Accelerated Advertising for a free 30 minute consultation to determine your needs.  Secondly, let us develop provide marketing outsourcing for you.  Our marketing services provide a program of controlled growth for your company that will squeezed every last dime out of your marketing budget based on your goals and budget. Without a plan you just “shooting in the dark” are often mis-spending  your time and money.

“I have grown my business by over 30% in the 3 months we have been working together!  Your system has helped us to clearly understand how we deliver value in comparison to our competition… This preparation has prepared me with a framework to close each deal.”

– Bobby Trenczer, CSI Medical Billing

How do we achieve optimal results?  We start by developing a marketing strategy and plan that fits your budget and goals.  We help you develop a marketing plan that focuses on your most profitable markets – your “Sweet-Spot”.  We understand the limitations of small and mid-sized firms. We will not let you just   throw money at the advertising vehicle or market.  What we will do is help you develop a marketing mix that helps you Out-think, Out-Sell and Out-Market the “carpet bombers” in your critical markets.  Next, we will develop a marketing calendar so that we have a 12 month track to run on.  Each activity will be tracked to determine exactly how cost-effective it is. To help maximize your results, we will drop the ones that do not produce and add the winners as the months go by and adjust the calendar accordingly.  It is this process of constantly testing, measuring and adding to the wining marketing services and dropping the less productive ones that accelerates your advertising and marketing and continuously increases your RIO (return on investment.

We have employed what is defined as Guerrilla Marketing services for years.  Guerrilla Marking is achieving traditional marketing goals in untraditional manners that utilize energy, creativity, innovation information and technology instead of “carpet bombing” techniques that are costly and have lost of waste…   a matter of fact Accelerated Advertising is now partnering with Jay Levinson ‘s (the father of Guerrilla Marketing) Guerrilla Marketing International.  Al Garlick Accelerated Advertising’s president is now a Master Trainer for Jay’s Guerrilla marketing International and provides Guerrilla Marketing services, training and coaching in the Metro New York Area as well as around the country.  Al is also available for speaking engagements on how to Out-Thinking, Out-Marketing and Out-selling the competition as well as Guerrilla Marketing.  Here’s what Jay has to say about Al:

“Al Garlick, who is the mastermind behind Accelerated Advertising, has joined the Guerrilla Marketing International family — which makes every member of the family very happy because Al is a pure guerrilla marketer when it comes to copy, design, and strategy.  He is a winner in every way which makes us delighted because it means he’ll make a lot of other people out there into a winner as well.”

       Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

Below is a list of marketing services that Accelerated Advertising provided.  You can out-source them individually or have us develop and implement a comprehensive and cost-effective marketing strategy for you.

  • Development of your Unique Value Proposition
  • Analysis of your “Sweet Spot”
  • Development of Marketing Plans and Marketing Calendars
  • Employment of Guerrilla Marketing techniques to Out-think, Out-Market & Out-Sell the Completion
  • Brochure & Collateral Materials That Amplify Your Value Proposition
  • Web Site Development & Marketing- both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • E-mail and traditional Referral Development Programs
  • E-mail and traditional Customer Retention & Cross Selling Programs
  • Laser Targeted Direct Mail Post Card Marketing Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Ad Media Tracking Programs
  • Negotiation & Purchasing of Printing
  • Plus your special needs….

We will help you determine what the most profitable activities you can engage in are and then squeeze hard to get every dime of profit from each activity….  In the end that is the name of the game – accelerated growth and profit in a controllable manner!