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Video marketing and videos that are search engine optimized (SEO) are becoming more important everyday no matter if you are a small business in Rockland County, have offices in Bergen and Westchester or for that matter anywhere.  Although the most of our clients are in the metro New York area, we have work for firms as far away as Florida, Canada, Texas, California and even New Zealand.  Today’s technology allows us to deliver superior levels of services no matter where you are located.   Accelerated Advertising has always delivered effective copy that tells your value story in a way designed to motivate your specific audience to act.  Our new division, Accelerated TV, has partnered with an award-winning, former NYC Ad Agency videographer, to deliver excellence in web video while understanding the budgetary constraints of small businesses.

Ten Critical facts  you need to know about video marketing on the web

Here are the facts of Videos and the web… use them to your advantage because  your competition will!

  1. YouTube Tops 1 Billion Hours of Video a Day, on Pace to Eclipse TV.  – The Wall Street Journal
  2. Every second, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross I.P. networks by 2019. –  CISCO
  3. On mobile alone in an average week, YouTube reaches more 18+ year-olds during prime time TV hours than any cable TV network – Goolge via Hubspot
  4. 76% of business report that vidoes help increase website traffic – Hubspot
  5. 81 percent of consumer say that video has convinced them to buy a product or service.  Wyzowl
  6. 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.  – HubSpot
  7. 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product, than read text on a page.-  Wyzowl
  8. By 2019, 80% of global Internet consumption will be video content.  – CISCO
  9. More than three-quarters 76% of users have visited a company’s website after watching one of their video ads. -Wyzowl
  10.  Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster, year-over-year, than organizations without. – Aberdeen

What are the benefits of Video Marketing? 

The first and most obvious is the impact that video on the web has over the written word.  Video involves sight, sound and movement.  The more senses involved in any presentation the higher the impact and the longer the retention. Web videos have proven to increase conversation rates.  In plain English, web video is a very effective tool for turning clicks into calls. Companies that use video marketing and Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are reporting increases of 40% – 100% and more!  They are also reporting that visitors are spending more time on their sites…. and more are buying!

Ten tips for making more effective videos for marketing on the web

  1. Your script should be written to engages the audience and influences them to act.  Do this and you are well on your way to developing an effective video marketing piece.
  2.  Make sure that your video is relevant to the information on your page and help you convince the viewer that you are the best choice.
  3. Make sure you optimize your video for (SEO.)
  4. Keep your videos short and sweet.  If you need to go longer try breaking it up into several videos.
  5. Create interesting titles for your videos and use keywords to help organic optimization
  6. Tag your videos with keywords that are relevant
  7. Utilize a professional marketer to write your script
  8. Utilize a videographer who can direct as well as shoot the video professionally
  9. Post your videos across all of your social media
  10. Brand your video with your logo and tag line or meme*

*   A meme is the lowest common denominator of an idea that is understandable in an instant.  Its simplicity motivates people and can actually change people’s behavior.  Example:   An illustration of a lit cigarette inside a red circle with a red line thought it instantly denotes no smoking.  That symbol is a meme.  A drawing of a bald eagle denotes freedom for most people in the United States.  A drawing of a blindfolded woman in ancient Roman dress holding a scale denotes justice.  I haven’t even shown you these and I bet 99% of you can see them in your mind…. these are all memes….

Here are what others have said about us:

“I got a call this morning from someone in Scarsdale looking for outdoor speakers.  His lives in a very upscale address, and neighborhood.   He found my website doing searches for outdoor speaker installation, and was impressed with my website but LOVED the video testimonial, and he claims that the video was his deciding factor in calling me….thanks again!”     

          ~  Ray Bolson – Super Vision Sounds Great LLC

“It was an extreme pleasure to work with Al Garlick of Accelerated Advertising. His mission is to help you stand apart from the crowd and his creativity helps him carry out that mission, which ultimately means a larger reach and more business. I highly recommend his services.”

           ~  Charles Glassman, MD

“Accelerated Advertising came up with ways to position JME Document Solutions, Inc. in a way that no other company had in the 50 years that my family and I have been running the firm.  Their work has separated me from the pack and has made such a deep impression on the market that it changed the trajectory of the company for years to come.  The rebranding of JME as ‘Un-Copier Guy” has our sales are on pace to triple.  We thank you and recommend Al Garlick and Accelerated to any business that is looking to expand.”

          ~  Brad Ellish, Pres., JME Document Solutions, Inc.


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If you are looking for effective video marketing, we believe you’ll find Accelerated Advertising an extraordinary value through the Accelerated TV division.

  • Web video – We will script your video to deliver the right message in the right way to influence your “Sweet Spot” in the market. We will also maximize your SEO, which helps your video and website climb the organic rankings. Once we have the script prepared, your video can be directed and shot by an award-winning videographer. There are several options for video on the web to fit every budget. The most affordable web videos involve the same quality scripting, but the production will use pictures, graphics, video montages and animatics with voiceovers to make a professional yet affordable video web presentation. This approach reduces the production time drastically, and the savings are passed on to you. Of course, if you would like to have your people or even professionals in your web video we can direct professional and non-professional talent. We can shoot on location, or several for that matter, and develop videos for the web at the highest level of quality and still be competitive.
  • Lead generation videos – we produce cost short 30 second videos that are can be used on RTB (Real Time Bidding) platforms, branding lead generation, retargeting, in email campaigns and on your landing pages and website.  These videos will be SEO optimized and in many cases deliver leads more cost effectively and better qualified than PPC (ask us how).  Depending upon your needs, the production costs can range from a price point that has our competition asking how we do it to slick ready for TV production at rates that will not break your bank.
  • Review videos for YouTube, Google Local and your website – Over 92% of all internet users say that they read reviews before choosing from whom they will buy. According to Nielsen, over 90% of people say they trust online reviews more than any other advertising. A matter of fact, only referrals from people they know and trust ranked higher than on-line reviews! Video has exploded – 94% of internet users watched a video last week, and 76% of smartphone owners watched one from their phone last week. We have tapped into both mega-trends to develop a powerful way to engage the user while they are accessing your reviews. The best part is we have developed a way to make these very cost-effectively!
  • Expose Videos – Interviews of Experts by niche – Our Accelerated TV division looks for experts in their field and then interviews them to help buyers understand how to select everything from a top Lawyer, doctor or dentist to plumbers, contractors, or retailers. This postions our clients as a leading resource in their field. We make sure that the video is extremely helpful to the audience and avoids being “salesy”. The result is a boost in our client’s reputation and people still want to buy as most everyone wants to do business with the industry leaders.
  •  Video Production for Cable TV ads & Infomercials– Looking for a cable ad with that “Madison Avenue” flair? Let us develop your script and sequencing to maximize the influence your ad has on your market. Then let our award-winning videographer do his magic as he produces, directs and does the post production editing of your commercial until it is ready to be unleashed! Oh by the way, if you are looking to produce an infomercial – the same award-winning production will never be a problem and we can work with most any budget.
  • Corporate Videos – Our videographer has 25+ years of agency experience in developing training, corporate communications, employee orientation, public relations and even video of corporate events and sales meetings. We can provide the video services and level of quality videos for corporations of all sizes and with all sized budgets. If you are looking for corporate videos that help your firm accomplish its goals, videos produced and delivered on time and on budget… give us a call.

Click here if you would like to receive our FREE 30 minute telephone consultation with Al Garlick, the President of Accelerated Advertising.

Please Send me Free marketing info that can help me Out Think, Out Market and Out-Sell My Competition


Looking for Video marketing or videos on the web?  Looking for cost-effective videos that perform?  If you are in Rockland County, Westchester, Bergen or beyond choose Accelerated!

Accelerated TV has videos for every need and budget. We pride ourselves on delivering value and superior results no matter if you are on local, regional or international business. If you are in Rockland County, Bergen, Westchester  or on the other side of the globe call us today at 845-536-2019 and will help you develop cost-effective video marketing on the web, as well as for lead generation TV, training, branding, retargeting and more!