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Accelerated Advertising is a full service advertising and marketing company that has over twenty years’ experience providing targeted solutions for all types of business.  We deliver  websites with on-page search engine optimization as well as videos, article marketing, on-line press release all optimized and more to get your company’s website as high in the organic rankings as possible.   This, of course, translates into cost-effectively getting your information in the hands of your prospects at the exact moment they are searching for it.   We can develop your company’s online advertising mix in a manner that can fit into your budget and expand at a cost-effective pace.  This allows you to maintain control of your growth and effectively follow-up and handle each new prospect.

Most business people are now aware that they need a quality web presence and that they need to do Internet marketing.  If they invest in a firm that charges tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve this, they can often get the 7 key ingredients to make the web cost-effectively generate profits.  On a local level, you can usually get some but very rarely all of these key ingredients, and it is just as rare to find a website developer that does internet marketing cost-effectively.  Accelerated Advertising provides all of these skills sets cost-effectively and services the metro New York Area including Rockland County, Westchester County, NYC, Orange County and the Hudson Valley in New York, Bergen County and Northern New Jersey and Fairfield County and Southern Connecticut with in-person service.  We serve clients from distant locations virtually – by phone, internet meeting and e-mail.  Many firms actually prefer this method.

Your optimization work has my colleagues asking me “What are you doing… you are everywhere on the internet.”   It is a real value that my pages are ranking high.  As of today my divorce mediation center hold the 6th, 7th and 8th rankings and my law practice is number 9 under divorce mediation in Rockland County – all on the first page.  And this is the area I told you I most wanted to grow!  These rankings are delivering the traffic that is turning into profitable clients.  The two websites are now generating over $10 in profit for every dollar I have invested.  I speak to new prospects every week.

–       Mark Paige
Law Offices of Mark S. Paige

The 7 skill sets of a Website development company
that can deliver the most for your money:

Skill #1

The ability to program your site so that you can change copy and employ internet marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO).  Today almost all local website developers can develop a site with Word Press or Drupal (some of the most popular formats for site design).  Static sites that worked just a few years ago are becoming less effective by the day. Our sites employ statistics provided by and monitored by all the major search engines and we only employ best practices as denoted by the major search engines like Google and Bing.

Skill #2: Design:

A quality web developer will understand what markets you are trying to reach and design a site that enhances your message to this very market.   The site will also be designed so that it is readily understood and easy to navigate. All of our sites are fully and quickly available on the mobile web so that you can take advantage of all the folks in your market using new smartphone technology.

Skill #3:

Research relevant keywords and develop copy that is organically optimized.  If this is done properly your site will come up higher in the organic search area of a web search.  With properly written site copy developed with your client and search engine content rules in mind, you can outperform your competition. Our writers have over 10 years’ experience writing website copy that performs.

Skill #4:

Copywriting that tells your value story in a compelling manner.  Many local website developers are good technically and they can help you get clicks.  However this is unacceptable!  We have found that to maximize your profits you must also tell your value story in a manner that makes you the obvious choice for your targeted market.  You must convince them that spending their hard earned money with you is a wise choice.  If you do this, in addition to organically optimizing your page, you will convert more clicks into conversations and customers.  As a small or mid-sized business, you must focus on what is most profitable.  This is our primary goal – to help you make the moves that generate the most profit cost-effectively.  Please, you be the judge….  Let’s say you are doing a search for a photographer to do a family portrait that will include grandparents and infants.  Both companies have copy that makes portrait photography rank high by having the correct keywords on the page.  The first just has the right terms and list what they do….  The second has quality copy that lets you know that they are good at working with difficult people and have the patience to work with old people and babies.  Continuing, they tell you that their goal is to capture the personality of your family no matter how long it takes.  You know that Grandpa Fred is tough to deal with and little Emily is an infant who cannot sit still…  Who would you contact first?

Skill #5:

Make your site sticky.  A sticky site is one that keeps people on it longer by engaging them and giving them information that is important and helpful to them.   If all of your copy is sales copy, many visitors will leave if they are not ready to buy and want information that will help them determine what they need.  By offering people free reports, surveys,  videos or even a free consultation, you help them educate themselves until they contact you because you delivered more value than the guy who believes in ABC  (Always Be Closing).  By understanding that prospects have their own pace of being ready to buy, you can  be more helpful.  If your site is helpful, is engaging and states how you deliver value in a compelling manner, you will find visitors stay longer and more will chose to contact you to discuss working with them….

Skill #6:

Multi-channel marketing.  This is a fancy term for coordinating your marketing efforts over different activities and media.  Please remember that print is still a leading generator of internet activity.  By choosing an internet marketing firm that understands how to coordinate and generate activity on and off-line you simply get more bangs for your buck.

Skill #7:

Automated e-mail follow-up systems.   This is a key that can really squeeze every dime out of your internet marketing.  It is very disappointing to see how many website development companies do not even address this issue.  An automated e-mail system can help you to keep prospects who are not ready to buy now warm and talking to you until they are ready and they “raise their hand” to tell you.  At any one time 3- 4% of the market is actively looking to purchase.  So why is it that most website developers haven’t a clue what to do with the other 96-97% of visitors.  We’d be more than happy to help you keep these prospects talking to you until they are ready to buy.   We can do this on and off-line in a trackable, affordable manner that squeezes every ounce of profit out of your internet marketing by turning clicks into profitable calls!

I am writing to express my sincerest appreciation for the extraordinary effort you put into the development of my website…. You carefully listened to my thoughts and ideas and suggestions and brought to life my vision… In the brief time since my website has gone ‘live’ I have received incredible feedback”

– David S. Klausner, The Law Office of David S. Klausner PLLC

We employ low-pressure sales techniques and allow our prospects to ask to be contacted when they want to speak.  We start with a no obligation discussion and only go forward when there is a good fit and a desire to do so by both parties….  If you are very serious about implementing a cost-effective plan, please click link on the right to schedule a free consultation.  If you absolutely want to speak now call me on my cell 845-536-2019.  Please be patient if you get me voice mail: Out of curtsey, I turn it off while I am working with a client.
Al Garlick, President