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Track Your Advertising And Utilize Call Tracking To Get
Every Ounce Of Results From Your Advertising Dollar

I have been involved in the advertising and marketing game for well over 20 years.  I have worked with thousands of business people primarialy in the Metro NYC area as well as New Jersey and Connecticut.  I have also had dealings with firms as far away as California, Florida and Canada.  It is my experience that those business people who invest in advertising tracking and use that information properly get to their goals 20-30% faster for the same media investment!  If I had a nickel for every business person who has told me that they know exactly what their returns are on the media they are investing in, and then cannot show me the facts, I would be able to buy my own island…. Manhattan.
– Al Garlick, Pres.
Accelerated Advertising, LLC

If you learn to invest in media tracking you will not base your advertising on your gut feeling  or whether or not you like the rep, but you will be able to compare one media to another.  Call tracking or phone tracking is a major component of ad tracking and it allows you to understand the cost of each call or lead generated from each media.  From here it is easy to track where your sales come from.  Over time you will be able to analyze not only the number of leads generated via the phone, but also the quality of the leads.  One media, over time, may have a cost per lead of $15 and take 4 calls to generate a sale… or $60 per sale.  Another media may cost $25 per lead and $100 per sale.  However it may turn out that the average sale and lifetime value of the second media is high enough that in the end it is the best value.   You can only find this out by first tracking your ads and then, over time, analyzing the quality of leads each generates.  We can help you develop ad tracking systems to accomplish this.

Below are a few ways to track your media:
  • Dedicated call tracking phone numbers for each media
  • Tags for each media
  • Manual ad tracking reports to be filled out on every call (you must make this policy and enforce it and everyone who answers the phone must be trained)
  • Direct mail advertising tracking via Personal URLs (PURLs)
  • On-line tracking via web forms on landing pages or squeeze pages
  • On line tracking via unique websites or home pages dedicated to media tracking

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