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After spending well over 20 years consulting on, developing and selling advertising and marketing plans; I have come to conclude that fear of failure is the major reason that many business people do not invest enough money into marketing and advertising.  Unfortunately, far too many of these firms end up “saving themselves” out of business….  Al Garlick. President Accelerated Advertising

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don’t know which half.
    -John Wannamaker

John Wannamaker ran one of the first successful department stores in New York in the early part of the 20th century.  In his time, there were very few tools to track and measure the effectiveness of an advertising program.   Luckily for you, Accelerated Advertising is a marketing firm dedicated to helping you develop marketing and advertising plans that have the highest probability of success.    However, we believe in letting the market tell us how each ad is doing.  This Advertising agency believes in tracking, tracking, tracking and then analyzing the data for cost per lead and then cost per sale and, finally, we help you analyze the quality of the leads a media or activity generates.  For example media A may generate a sale for $200 and media B generated a sale for $250.  On the surface media A seems like the winner hands down and some advertising agencies will tell you that.  Sometimes it is and sometimes after drilling down to the quality of business developed we find that media B generates $1500 profit per sale while media A generated $1000 of profit per sale….  Once we understand the entire picture we can determine that the extra $50 per sale is the better investment.  When looking at marketing firms, it is important to make sure that they will focus on your profits and costs – effectively helping you to grow!

Accelerated Advertising, located in Nanuet, NY, can help you save money on the placement of your media.  We can work like a traditional advertising agency or you can take advantage of our money-saving programs; essentially hiring us as your marketing department.  This marketing firm will then negotiate the rates for you just as if we were your employees.   Not long ago we negotiated a media schedule for a company that was opening a new store.  We saved the client enough on the ad placements to pay for our services and saved thousands of dollars!  We negotiated hard for that client – and we’ll do the same for you! We service our clients in person, on line or by phone in Westchester & Orange Counties, The Hudson Valley and Metro NYC.  We also service Northern New Jersey and Bergen County.  To our North we deliver these same services to Southern Connecticut and Farifield County.  We service accounts around the country via on-line meeting and teleconfrences.