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Just the Social Media Marketing Facts… Jack

  • “In 2009 4 out of 5 people used social media at least once a month….  While young people continue to march toward almost universal adoption of social applications, the most rapid growth occurred among consumers 35 and older. “
    – Forrester Research – 2009
  • It took the Internet 4 years to reach 50 million users…. Facebook had 4 times as many users in 1/4 the time…. (200 million users in 1 year)

Question:  Do you know what the most precious and valuable thing is for a marketer or advertiser?

Answer:  The prospect’s attention – With it you can tell your value story and have the opportunity to influence them… without it you have nothing!

Social media marketing is all about developing relationships…. Those of you that engage in “consultative selling” or build your sales by being a “Farmer” will naturally get what social media marketing is all about.  Those of you that are sales “Hunters” that know and utilize 50+ closing techniques and practice the “ABCs of selling”:  Always Be Closing need to stop, slow down and think.  Successful social media strategies focus on building relationship and giving the reader information that is valuable to them.  It is the pinnacle of delivering service before the sale and therefore getting prospects to come to you rather than aggressively pursuing them.   If you are always promoting yourself on your Facebook for business page and asking for the sale too quickly, many people will stop reading or stop following you.  When planning social media for business,  it is wise to ask yourself the following question: “What is in it for the reader?”  If you want to maximize your social media networking you must make reading your posts an investment of the reader’s time and not a waste of it!

Please let me tell you a story that I hope clearly explains this:

If you are in the Metro NYC area you may remember the commercials for Crazy Eddie’s, a discounted Audio/Stereo Chain– they were loud and in your face and drove home one message “We Will Not Be Undersold.”  They ran before a remote control came with every TV and people had to get up to change the channel and so had to suffer through these types commercials… and they worked– big time!

Today most people would change the channel or mute their TV and not listen.  This is why commercials have become more entertaining and you very rarely see something that is in your face…. Why?  Because the remote control gave the viewer control over which commercials they watch… advertisers either earn the viewers attention or click… the viewer is gone.   I tell you “hunters” this because the same is true with social media.  You’ve got two choices – give your reader something of value and earn their attention – or write everything from your perspective, utilize the ABC’s of selling, and one click of the mouse later they will be gone….

“Consultive  salespeople” and “farmers” are usually all about putting service before the sale selling.  They grow their sales base via repeat customers that buy more from them and from referrals.  Keep this in mind and deliver great service before the sale in the form of information that your readers value…you will get better results with your social media.  This page is designed to do just that… give you some insights into social media that can help you be more successful at it.  Remember the more you help instead of sell the more effective your marketing with social media will become.

7 Benefits of Social Media in Marketing:


  1. By attracting prospects and readers, you are trading your valuable information for their attention (remember the reader’s attention is the most valuable thing in marketing).  In other words, the reader is giving you permission to gently influence them in exchange for your helpful information.
  2. Social Media helps you gain higher organic ranking for your website.  The more popular your social media is, the more it helps you climb toward the top of a key word search.  So make sure your social media is optimized with the keywords that convert the best for you.
  3. Social Media allows you to develop deeper relationships with your readers and prospects.  When trust and loyalty increase your sales,  referrals are not far behind.  Remember to keep your conversation light, fun engaging and helpful… like you are sharing a cup of coffee or out with your buddy for a brew….
  4. When you build a quality social network by giving the reader help in your business’s areas of expertise, you have earned the right to make them aware of your products and services and how they might help some of the readers.  Remember to gently introduce what you sell – no force feeding allowed!
  5. The more helpful information you give to readers the more you are seen not only as an expert but as a valuable resource.  The magic happens when they have a problem and contact you for help….  I know you “Farmers” already do this…  Hey “Hunters” what is it worth to you to have a qualified prospect contact you to help solve the problems that your product and services solve?   Is it worth changing your style and providing service and help before the close?  Is it worth letting them come to you and letting them close themselves?
  6. Another social media strategy is utilizing it as a market research tool.  Ask your readers for their opinions and then really listen – you will be surprised how many good ideas can be found between those that just don’t fly….  Ask them for their help and feedback and you’ll be surprised how many will respond.  Be open to asking and listening and your relationship with your social network will be even deeper.
  7. Every social media marketing actively has a short term result and a long-term result.  Let’s say you run an ad on Facebook to drive people to become fans of Facebook for business page.  Let’s say you pick up 300 fans but do not do much business initially.  If they have become fans and find your information interesting and helpful they have given you permission to communicate with them and the opportunity to influence them over the long haul.