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Our direct mail and niche marketing programs are custom designed around your specific needs and your most profitable markets.  We start by working with you to analyze your unique value proposition and identify your most profitable markets.   Through this process we uncover where your value offerings cross the need in the market – your “sweet spot”.   Our direct mail programs and niche marketing will focus on your sweet spot because those prospects value what you deliver and sales close easier with less pressure on price.  In a word, they are the most profitable markets for you and should be most aggressively targeted.

I want to thank you for helping us develop a direct mail campaign that helped to significantly increase our sales during the 4th quarter.  You said you could laser target the message, the copy, the design and the list at our most profitable segment and you did.  Your professionalism was outstanding.”

–       K. Licata, The Curtain Exchange of Westchester

Discovering and targeting people who value what you have to offer is one of the most profitable things a business can do.  Why, you ask?   To be most effective, direct mail programs must reach people who already have a need or interest in your product or services.  By niche marketing to the people that you naturally provide superior value to, you increase interest and response.  Additionally, since these are the markets you excel in, you increase satisfaction, repeat business and referrals.  The 80- 20 rule applies… target the 20% of your market that produces 80% of your profits and watch your profits grow.

Trying to create a need in prospects is very costly and often futile. In order for your advertising to get the maximum return, it must be targeted at people who need or want what you have to offer and then you must be able to prove value.

The next step is to develop a list of these “sweet spot” prospects.   We can help.

We can bring our world-class team of list development, design, printing and fulfillment specialists into the project.   The result is the development of cost-effective streams of highly qualified sales leads – the life blood of every company.  Additionally, we are dedicated to tracking and measuring each project.  This process allows us to benchmark each activity.  By knowing the quantity and quality of the leads, we can compare the project to your control (your most cost-effective lead generator).  By measuring the results, we can help you to drop less effective activities and focus your efforts in the areas that produce best.

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Guerrilla Direct Mail –

“Al Garlick, who is the mastermind behind Accelerated Advertising, has joined the Guerrilla Marketing International family — which makes every member of the family very happy because Al is a pure guerrilla marketer when it comes to copy, design, and strategy.  He is a winner in every way which makes us delighted because it means he’ll make a lot of other people out there into a winner as well.”

–       Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books


Guerrilla marketing is achieving traditional marketing goals in untraditional manners that utilize energy, creativity, innovation, information and technology instead of “carpet bombing” techniques that are costly and have lots of waste.  Accelerated Advertising is dedicated to Guerrilla marketing techniques.  Small and mid-sized businesses must focus their efforts on what is most profitable.  Our direct mail strategies include innovative, cutting edge creativity to get the readers’ attention and to get them to start reading. Our direct marketing employs the highest levels of personalization; our ability to personalize the pieces and have them hand-addressed and have a hand-written sticky note included, keeps the reader engaged and increases response. Information – our expert list developers will do what they do best – target your most profitable markets.  We utilize technology to personalize our pieces as well as methods to allow readers to go to the internet (PURLs – Private URL’s) to find information which increases response.  We employ tracking programs that will allow you to not only know how many people call but will allow you to review the calls to improve the way you interact with each prospect.  Lastly, we will provide reports on all the people who went to your Private URL (PURL).  By personalizing your direct mail and utilizing 3-d direct mail you can increase your response rates by up to 150%!

Creative Direct Mail Products Offered:
  • personalized postcards
  • personalized cards with hand written addresses and notes
  • self-mailers
  • highly personalized and well written letters
  • articles that can be personalized
  • personalized mini newspapers
  • 3-D or “bulky” mail – with personalization
  • highly creative invitations for workshops and seminars
  • newspaper article/ads that can be personalized
  • internet based postcards and cards that you can order from your computer
  • your special needs… we have 20 + years experience and can help!

Accelerated Advertising is based out of Nanuet, New York.  We provide direct mail and niche marketing servcies to Rockland, Westchester and Orange Counties as well as Metro New York City and the Hudson Valley in New York, in  New Jersey we service Bergen County and Northern New Jersey as well as Fairfield County and southern Connecticut.