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How To Make Your Brochure Deliver Maximum Results: Employ Persuasive Copywriting with Outstanding Graphic Design

Accelerated Adverting delivers the level of brochure design services found at Madison Avenue’s ad agencies.  The major difference is that we do so at rates affordable on most any budget for small and mid-sized firms. Accelerated Advertising has many examples of high-end, effective company brochures that help a company share their products and influence their customers to buy.  A brochure starts with your value proposition… told well. This means we analyze your business and identify the core features and benefits that define your business.  Then we tell your unique value story in a compelling manner.  In order to maximize the effectiveness of your brochure, the copywriting and brochure design should buttress this value story and be written and designed in a manner that entices your market to act. For example, a financial services firm targeting a wealthy clientele needs a high end look and feel with copywriting that conveys trust, competence and experience. Based on the client’s needs, the desired action would be to go to the website and request more information. In another situation, a sign company that sells to “Main Street USA” needs to make sure their brochure is visual and lets their target market know that they deliver quality, service and creativity at rates that a small business can afford.  The copywriting should be friendly while conveying quality and affordability – like a trustworthy old friend talking to you. Our brochure design visually tell this story with graphics and design that compel the reader to stop, look, read and then act.  The local “sign-smith’s” desired action may be to have the prospect call for a free consultation.   When brochures are designed with a well told value story focused on their primary market and entice the reader to act, you have a real marketing tool that will produce real results!

“As someone who comes from an advertising (NYC) agency background, I just wanted to thank you for all of the effort with regards to Steamboat’s corporate branding project.  Accelerated Advertising has delivered agency level creativity and service while understanding the constraints of a growing business.  We are extremely pleased with the design, copy and ultimately the direction of our corporate identity.  Thanks again for everything!”

–       Jason Nanus, Steamboat Marketing


We have a long history with designing brochures that perform. In our experience, the old adage about computers also applies to brochures: garbage in… garbage out. You can have a brochure produced on line for a very low price.  However these brochures usually end up being very expensive and the business owner is usually unaware what it is costing in lost opportunities and lost business.  These low-end brochure designers do not provide the critical copywriting services and customer care that is essential to telling your value story.  Additionally, cut rate, inexpensive, brochure designers cannot make money unless they have minimal design time.  Many of these low cost brochure designers use templates and plug your information into a pre-designed brochure.  How many times have you seen business people who take advantage of the on-line offers for 100 free business cards have the exact same design as many other businesses?  What message does this convey to the prospect?  If you “save” on your brochure by utilizing “cookie cutter” brochure design and copywriting then you will be destined to incur the cost of losing business to competitors who Out-think, Out-market and Out-sell you.  In the end, the best investment is quality priced fairly; because a quality brochure produces more profits by helping you convince your market that you are the best place they can invest their hard-earned money!

Accelerated Advertising is a full service advertising and marketing company that has over twenty years’ experience providing targeted solutions for all types of business.  We are based out of Nanuet in Rockland County, New York.  We service, Westchester and Orange counties as well as Metro New York City and the Hudson Valley in New York.  In New Jersey we service Bergen County and Northern New Jersey.  We also work in Fairfield County and southern Connecticut.

“I’d like to thank you for helping us to develop a brochure that effectively communicates how we deliver value….  We have had very positive feedback. You promised to deliver exceptional value and you did.  We highly recommend you to any firm that is looking to effectively compete in today’s market where the consumer has endless choices.”

–       J. O’Brien, O’Brien Capital Management, Inc.