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Our clients have consistently told us their number one challenge has been generating more traffic to their websites and maximizing lead generation from them.


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“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

~ Bill Berbach

Why is my website not generating as many leads as I want?

Increasing website traffic and turning that traffic into ready-to-buy leads is the holy grail for most businesses and elusive for most.  Here are the hard facts:

  • between 92% and 96% of visitors to websites do not buy on their first visit.
  • In the pre-digital age, an average sale took 7 contacts to convert a prospect to a customer.  In the digital age that has grown to 23-26 touches.
  • In 2022 The average website conversion rate is 2.35%
  • Desktop traffic converts at just over 4.15% while mobile traffic converts at 1.53%
  • Top marketing companies not only focus on Search Engine Optimization (ranking high on the page) but 55% are increasing their investment in Conversion Rate Optimization (getting the most leads possible from a page.)

Accelerated Advertising has been working on increasing traffic and conversions for 25 years.  We would be glad to discuss how you can increase both how to generate more traffic to your website as well as how to make the site develop more leads.

I’d Like To Discuss How I Can Increase Traffic To My Website & Generate More Leads

Ways to Generate Website Traffic Organically (Non-Paid)

All quality organic traffic begins with optimizing your Search Engine Optimization to rank well in the organic listings as well as optimizing your local listings to rank in the Google 3-pack and the Bing 5-pack.  A well-developed social media program, when done properly, will drive traffic to your website.  Blogging will build your authority as well as drive traffic.  Becoming a guest blogger for other blogs is an excellent way to increase our reputation and website visitors.  Writing quality SEO-optimized articles and then placing them on article sites can drive traffic as well as quality backlinks.  A well-orhistrated press release campaign can build your authority as well as increase traffic.  Video Marketing not only drive traffic but can also help you to engage visitors and convert them to leads too.

If you would like to discuss generating more traffic to your site, give us a call at 845-536-2019, and we’ll be glad to help.

Paid Traffic  Increases Visitors To Your Website

Paid Traffic when done properly, can be an excellent way to increase traffic to your website.  If done incorrectly, paid traffic can be costly.  Here are six primary paid traffic sources:

  1. Pay Per Click – it is the most known and often has become costly
  2. Display Ads that can be targeted by interests, demographics, specific URLs, geographic areas, time-lapsed targeting that deliver ads to people who have visited a location over the past 12 months, and more…
  3. Google Local Service Ads – delivered locally for specific services
  4. Social Media Ads – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc…
  5. YouTube
  6. For Ecommerce companies, there are sponsored product ads on Amazon

If you have an interest in exploring how paid traffic can increase website traffic and lead generation give us a call at 845-536-2019 and we’ll discuss your needs in depth and develop a cost-effective plan of action.

How To Engage Website Visitors

Ranking high will help your website be found, but quality content is the key to engaging visitors and beginning the process of converting them to a lead.  The best content is valuable to the reader.  They want to you help them think about their need and the best way to fulfill them.  Anticipating and answering their questions is one of the most powerful ways to engage the visitor. If you have a well-developed value story that convinces a visitor that you are the best choice to fulfill their need you will increase your conversions.   Remember you want to attract them and help them make the best decision not attack and hit them over the head.

If you have questions about engaging visitors to your website, give us a call at 845-536-2019. We are here to help.

Seven Ways To Increase Engagement And Conversions:

  1. Do not be afraid to share some of your knowledge and expertise with the visitor.
  2. Prove you are the expert who can help them.  Building your authority without being too braggadocious.  People want to buy from people with expertise in solving their problems.
  3.  Make your copy informative and helpful but also make it readable and engaging
  4. Design your site to appeal to your target market, break the copy into sections (mini-copy), and include interesting pictures that buttress your value story.
  5. Answer questions and include Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Create informative videos that educate your prospects, build your brand, increase your authority, and market your reputation.
  7. Offer visitors free factsheets and ebooks and automate the delivery by email.  The visitor gets their information right away and you capture the email for follow-up.

If you need help, give us a call at 845-536-2019. We are here to help.

How Increase Conversions

You must understand that most visitors will not buy on their first visit to your site. However, if you maximize your traffic to the site and then engage them with content that answers their questions and proves your trustworthiness and value, you are on your way to increasing your conversions from prospects to leads. There are several techniques we utilize to make your site “stickier.” First, we offer mini-closes such as a free report, fact sheet, or sample when appropriate. We do not give it away but rather barter it for their email and gain permission to follow up. If the prospect is not ready to buy when we follow up, we place them in a follow sequence or nurture email campaign. In today’s jargon, this is called a lead magnet; in the pre-digital age, it was called a loss leader. Both continue the conversation while giving the prospect something of value. Some businesses, mine included, offer a “trust trigger” or a way to try a small product or service at a discounted price. This way, the prospect and you get to feel one another out without a huge commitment. Once money has changed hands, the prospect becomes a customer, and the odds of them buying more increase dramatically. Finally, most websites have a Contact Us link and a phone number at the bottom of the page.

On the other hand, sales funnels will give the visitor multiple calls to action throughout the page. We have developed a hybrid between a funnel and a web page that offers multiple calls to action and the ability to call, schedule an appointment, or email. If you let the prospect respond the way they want, you will increase conversions. A word to the wise – offer visitors different calls to action, too… some people will respond to one, and others will prefer another.

Increasing your conversion rate is both a science and an art… if you need some help, just us at 845-536-2019  That is what we are here for.

Additional Techniques to Increase Your Close Rate

Remember that people like to buy from people they know, like, and trust.  As they are interacting with your company be both friendly and knowledgeable.  Do not be afraid to share some helpful information on your website or when communicating with the prospect.  Become the friendly authority on your product or service.  People also want to buy from the best source that treats them well.  If you have additional training, degrees, or expertise in certain subjects pertaining to your business, place it on your website, it will help position you as the authority on the subject.  Additionally, place reviews and testimonials on the page, especially ones that discuss the product or service the page is discussing.  It is good to have a review page but more people are skipping it than ever before – so be safe and also place them on the pages of the website too.  At Accelerated Advertising we have a way to ensure one of your reviews shows up as a small widget at the bottom of each page and the reviews rotate so that they are not repetitive.  We also make an affordable reputation commercial that features feedback from happy customers.  Finally, we can set up your pages to offer an e-book or make an offer, before they leave.

If you would like to discuss how we might work together to increase your close rates give us a call at 845-536-2019 

How To Continue The Conversation With People Who Are Not Ready To Buy

We know that the majority of people who come to your website are not quite ready to buy.  We offer two ways to follow up with them, keeping your business, top-of-mind and earning the inside track to the sale.  We offer follow-up by email and by pixel.  When we offer an eBook, a white paper, or an informational guide. we ask the prospect for permission to email them.  Once we have permission, we place the client who is not ready to buy in a nurture campaign, where we educate them and keep the conversation going until they are ready.  The second way we maintain communications is by pixel, which is a small piece of code that is placed on their site.  We then develop a sequence of tasteful ads that reinforce the brand, build and enhance trust and make offers.  When the prospect does another online search, the ads begin to be shown. The series of ads rotate for up to 90 days, avoiding the fatigue of seeing just one ad while reinforcing your value story until the prospect is ready to buy.  In the pre-digital age, it took 7 touches to make a sale, that number has gone up to 23-27touches in the digital age.  This goes a long way to explain why these types of follow-up systems can increase conversions by almost 60%!  Our President, Al Garlick, is a master trainer in Guerrilla Marketing.  He has many other powerful time-tested techniques to increase closes that he keeps private with his clients…

If you are not happy with the number of leads your site is generating or want more visitors to turn into customers, call us at 845-536-2019.

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I’d Like To Discuss How I Can Generate And Close More Leads

Accelerated Advertising’s approach
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Accelerated Advertising, located in Rockland County, is an advertising and marketing agency that provides cutting-edge warm-market, online, traditional advertising, and guerrilla marketing. Based in Nanuet at the center of Rockland County, we service companies locally, in the metro New York region, and as far away as California and New Zealand without missing a beat. The most effective advertising and marketing tell a truthful story that resonates with the target audience and moves them to action. Our objective is to work with firms that deliver real value and position their offering in front of their ideal customers; effectively persuading them that our client is the best choice to fulfill their needs and desires. If you are hungry to grow in an ever-improving, yet controlled manner, we may be a great fit. I invite you to browse our website and look forward to discussing your needs. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with quality companies. We succeed by helping good people achieve their goals. The start is always a no-obligation meeting. If we both feel we are a good fit, we will develop a plan of action to help you efficiently achieve your goals. If we are not a good fit, we will direct you as best we can.

 – Al Garlick


Three hallmarks of successful advertisers & marketers

 Over the years, Accelerated Advertising has observed three things:

  1. Companies that deliver excellent value and invest in marketing and advertising – survive difficult times and grow and thrive in normal conditions.  Those who do not offer value must invest considerable sums in advertising and sales. They must find people who are uneducated about the product or service and unaware of completion that provides better value.  Our goal is to help good people and good companies grow cost-effectively.   
  2. Businesses that invest in tracking their advertising and marketing, on average, grow 30% faster. Over time, they spend 30% less than competitors who “save” money by not tracking their marketing.
  3. Businesses that test their results find the most effective marketing. Not every marketing activity will be a home run.  However, savvy marketers will accelerate their results by testing small, dropping activities that do not do as well as others and investing in the activities with the best returns.  Those that commit to constant improvement accelerate their growth and profits.

The team at Accelerated understands that you’re looking for a marketing partner that can help your organization grow. They are here to help you develop and implement the right strategy and continue to improve its effectiveness over time if you have questions or would like to discuss how Accelerated help you, please schedule a 30-minute consultation.


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We understand that you’re busy running your business. You don’t have time to learn about and stay up-to-date with all types of marketing and advertising. You certainly do not have time to implement, test, and revise marketing programs constantly. You just want more customers, controlled growth, and a marketing agency that has your back.

At Accelerated Advertising, we are dedicated to helping our clients develop the most cost-effective strategies available. Our team understands your desires, what your customers are looking for, how to engage them, educating them, and convincing them to choose you to fulfill their needs.

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

~ John Wannamaker

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