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Outsourcing Marketing Services Can
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Growing companies in the metro NY area need coordinated, streamlined, and ever-improving marketing and advertising.  In the past, you may have purchased these services ad-hoc from various sources and now want them to work together and maximize their returns.  You can hire a VP or a Director of Marketing and advertising or outsource these essential growth services.  The question is, which move is right for you?  Let’s discuss if outsourcing is right for you and how it can help you achieve your growth goals.


Should I Outsource Or Hire A Marketing And Advertising VP

Outsourcing marketing or advertising services vs. hiring a VP or Director of Marketing And Advertising is a question that faces many growing companies.  Both offer pros and cons, the question is which is the right move for your situation.

Pros and cons of hiring an internal VP or Director of Marketing


  • You have full control.
  • The exec will completely understand your business, its goals, and its mission.
  • You can hire your wholly dedicated team to your goals and mission.


  • Expense – in Metro NY, a quality marketing executive will run $140 – $300,00+, plus another 40% -50% for benefits, plus the cost of their office space.  You may find a fractional VP who may work part-time for an agreed-upon salary, the same benefits, and similar office requirements.
  • Executive burnout – if you are stretching to hire the executive, there will be real limits to staffing… more work on fewer people leads to burnout.
  • Limited proficiencies – if you have a limited staff, more people will be required to have more complete skill sets, which costs more.
  • Employee turnover  – Known as churn, the pressure to get more done with less staff leads to turnover, requiring you to rehire and retrain staff.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing


  • Highly skilled teams developed for each project.
  • Agility to adjust – If your results require an adjustment in the scope of a project, an outsourced firm can reallocate skilled people for the new needs.
  • Cost –  Outsourcing allows savings on salary, benefits, and office space to be used on marketing and advertising activities that produce growth.
  • Adding a new perspective to your organization – An outsourced marketing exec can give you an outside perspective of what their experience tells them is the best way to proceed and what activities will help you most efficiently achieve your goals.


  •  Do they mesh with your company – It is essential to find an outsourcing firm that fits your company and your needs. A great outsourcing partner should be easy to deal with and feel like they are part of your company’s team dedicated to your goals.
  • Loss of some control – You hire an outsourced marketing and advertising team to deliver results, and they need the freedom to get the job done.  However, pros will ask how much communication you want and provide it.
  • A hired exec and an outsourced service will take some time to understand your needs, brand, mission, and work style.  An outsourced team is not hired full-time, so it may take them a bit more time to come up to speed.

How can outsourcing marketing and advertising services make a small – midsized business more competitive?

Outsourcing allows smaller companies to utilize highly skilled talent for a project

Let’s say a growing company needs a new website, wants to reactivate old clients and sell new products or services to the current ones and wants a program to stay top-of-mind with web visitors who do not buy right away, and wants to develop an effective social media program.  They do not have the budget to hire a VP of Marketing, a website programmer a copywriter who can write copy that is SEO optimized, appropriate for their social media blogging, and effective for other email marketing.  Additionally, they do not have money to hire a designer for the website, digital ads,  email marketing, and social media posts.  They don’t have $ 200,000+ (salary benefits and office space) for a quality marketing director, much less the investment for a VP-level marketing exec.  What if I told you we solved this problem for a Westchester company with extremely positive results?

skilled designer working on marketing project in Rockland County
Marketer listining to client's needs in Rockland County

We started by listing to their needs and desires; then built a plan to achieve them

The company had attempted to do its marketing internally, and it was getting too much to handle. They turned to a national marketing firm to help.  Unfortunately, they were not happy with the results.  They were a small client for this firm and did not receive the desired attention.   We started by meeting with each company’s partners and listening to their needs and desires.  They were a fifty-year-old business that had grown from a company serving local clients to a firm with commercial and residential clients in a five-county area.  They were not happy with the results of the national company’s program – it averaged about 30 leads a month in the slow times and 50 leads a month in the busy periods.  We established regular meetings with the executive in charge of marketing and monthly briefings for the president.  We suggested that the exec in charge of marketing include a junior manager to assist with dau-to day needs, to bring him to speed on the program, and be able to communicate with us if the executive could not make a meeting.

We addressed the shortcomings of the national company’s work

The main shortcomings were listed to us clearly:

  • The website was not ranking well.
  • They needed more leads
  • They had no program to activate old customers nor upsell current ones
  • They felt the social media could drive more people to the site and wanted more leads
  • They desired better communication to understand what was being performed and what results were being achieved.
missing the marketing target in Rockland county

Our Marketing approach to helping them grow

Their website was not ranking, and in the fine print of the contract, it stated that they would only work on five pages.  The contract was in its third year, and they never changed the pages they were working on, nor did not rank high.  Our solution was to redo their website. in year one, we focus geographically on their most crucial county.  We broke out all of the main services and focused the SEO work on the target county.  The client was happy to see their listings rankings becoming more and more competitive monthly.

Our Marketing approach to helping them grow …continued

The next issue we talked was an unsatisfactory level of leads.  They averaged 30-50 leads per month, depending on the time of year.  They felt an excellent first-year goal would be a 40-50% growth.  We did target their other SEO on their most important market first.  However, we also wrote copy to help the consumer understand their value proposition – highest quality, no corners ever cut, emphasis on safety, prompt, friendly service, all at fair rates.  We also added multiple calls to action on each page, ways to get questions answered and reviews, testimonials, and industry and business membership to build trust, prove our value statement and allow prospects to contact the company as they were reading.  Next, we added a digital ad program targeting their most sought-after area.  The facts prove that 19 out of 20 first-time visitors to a website leave without buying. Therefore we add a retargeting program to show ads to visitors over 90-days after their visit.  Our advanced program utilized ads that increase clicks while proving value, branding, and making offers.  We developed links from their website to their social media and links from blogs to their website.  Finally, we instituted an email reactivation and evolved into a long-term nurture program to bring old customers back into the fold and make customers aware of other issues that can help them with.  Year one was a success.  Instead of a 40 – 50% growth, we jumped the leads to 70 – 120 leads per month depending upon the time of year – over a 200% jump!

Year two of our program

Year two focused SEO on their second most important county and continued with the other activities.  Leads increase to over 110 in the slow season and as high as 360 in the busy season.  And then we lost the account.  A large international company bought the company… needless to say, the partners were very happy  – not only with how we increased their leads but also with how the increased business increased the value of the company.   Unfortunately, after a three-month transition period, the international compy’s global agency took over.  The transition manager was very impressed with what we were doing.  We asked how we might do more for them.  We were told they were buying hundreds of these companies across the country, and their large agency systematized each company’s marketing.  Regrettably, it was more important to systematize the programs than to squeeze every ounce of profit from individual programs.

Marketing outsourcing services tailored for small and mid-sized businesses

Accelerated Advertising, LLC offers cost-effective marketing outsourcing services tailored for small and mid-sized businesses and their budget constraints.   You can outsource everything from a single project to your entire corporate marketing program!   If you do not have the need or the budget for a full-time marketing director, please consider the following idea:  First, contact Accelerated Advertising for a gratis consultation to determine your needs.  Secondly, let us develop a plan and provide marketing outsourcing for you.  Our marketing services provide a program of controlled growth for your company that will squeeze every last dime out of your marketing budget, focus on your goals, and stays within budget. Without a plan, you are just “shooting in the dark,” often misspending your time and money.

Accelerated Advertising’s approach 

& Who can best benefit from working with us 

Accelerated Advertising, located in Rockland County, is an advertising and marketing agency that provides cutting-edge warm-market, online, traditional advertising, and guerrilla marketing. Based in Nanuet at the center of Rockland County, we service companies locally, in the metro New York region, and as far away as California and New Zealand without missing a beat. The most effective advertising and marketing tell a truthful story that resonates with the target audience and moves them to action. Our objective is to work with firms that deliver real value and position their offering in front of their ideal customers, effectively persuading them that our client is the best choice to fulfill their needs and desires. We may be a great fit if you are hungry to grow in an ever-improving yet controlled manner. We seek to develop long-term relationships with quality companies. We succeed by helping good people achieve their goals. The start is always a no-obligation meeting. If we both feel we are a good fit, we will develop a plan of action to help you efficiently achieve your goals. If we are not a good fit, we will direct you as best we can.

 – Al Garlick


I’d like to set a no-obligation phone consultation

Three hallmarks of successful advertisers & marketers

 Over the years, Accelerated Advertising has observed three things:

  1. Companies that deliver excellent value and invest in marketing and advertising – survive difficult times and grow and thrive in normal conditions.  Those who do not offer superior value must invest considerable sums in advertising and sales. They must find people who are uneducated about the product or service and unaware of completion that provides better value.  In a word, they need to spend lots of money to find the “suckers.” P.T. Barnum said were born every minute.   (We have no interest in working with “snake-oil salespeople.”)
  2. Businesses that invest in tracking their advertising and marketing, on average, grow 30% faster. Over time, they spend 30% less than competitors who “save” money by not tracking their marketing.
  3. Businesses that test their results find the most effective marketing. Not every marketing activity will be a home run.  However, savvy marketers will accelerate their results by testing small, dropping activities that do not do as well as others and investing in the activities with the best returns.  Those that commit to constant improvement enhance their growth and profits.

The team at Accelerated understands that you’re looking for a marketing partner that can help your organization grow. We are here to help you develop and implement the right strategy and continue to improve its effectiveness over time. If you have questions or would like to discuss how we might help you, please schedule a 30-minute consultation at a convenient time.


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A marketing agency that has your back

We understand that you’re busy running your business. You don’t have time to learn about and stay up-to-date with all types of marketing and advertising. You certainly do not have time to implement, test, and revise marketing programs constantly. You just want more customers, controlled growth, and a marketing agency that has your back.

At Accelerated Advertising, we are dedicated to helping our clients develop the most cost-effective strategies available. Our team understands your desires, what your customers are looking for, how to engage them, educating them, and convincing them to choose you to fulfill their needs.

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