Guerrilla Marketing In The Digital Age

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Guerilla Marketing in the Digital Age
Training in Rockland County, Westchester, Bergen

I have heard people say that guerilla marketing is old-fashioned; and training is a waste of time.  I beg to differ!    Guerrilla marketing is achieving traditional marketing goals in untraditional manners that utilize energy, creativity, innovation, information and technology instead of “carpet bombing” techniques that are costly and have lost of waste.  Guerrilla Marketing is as relevant today as it was when Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing wrote the first book on the subject in 1985.  Some of the tools that we use today are different but the goals are the same… To “Out-Think, Out-Market and Out-Sell the Competition without having to Out-Spend them.  I think you will agree Guerrilla Marketing is a living, evolving philosophy that will always be on the cutting edge of marketing for those companies that have to compete with larger, better-funded competitors.

 Learn about some guerrilla marketing tools
available to you and your business, like:

Al Garlcik presetning Guerrilla marketing in the Digital Age

Al Garlick presenting Guerrilla marketing in the Digital Age

  1. Networking & Strategic Alliances – Developing Your Warm Market

  2. Search Engine Optimization

  3. Local Search Optimization

  4. Selling More to Existing and Past Customers

  5. Video Marketing for Local Businesse

  6.  Digital Display Advertising

  7. Pay Per Click Advertising

  8. Social Media

  9. Building & Marketing a 5-Star Reputation

  10. Effective Follow-Up Systems Email & Digital & Traditional  

  11.  And More…

Here is what Jay Conrad Levinson has to say about Al Garlick ‘s Guerrilla marketing training abilities :

“Al Garlick, who is the mastermind behind Accelerated Advertising, has joined the Guerrilla Marketing International family — which makes every member of the family very happy because Al is a pure guerrilla marketer when it comes to copy, design, and strategy.  He is a winner in every way which makes us delighted because it means he’ll make a lot of other people out there into a winner as well.”

–       Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

marketing Training for Westchester County, Rockland and Bergen business people

Al Garlick of Accelerated Advertising presenting workshop on Guerrilla Marketing in the Digital Age at the Microsoft’s White Plains, NY Store

If you are in Rockland County, Bergen or Westchester and you want training in Guerrilla Marketing Choose Al Garlick of Accelerated Advertising

Accelerated Advertising has presented this workshop for Chambers of Commerce and organizations such as Microsoft, at their White Plains store.    If you would like to have Accelerated Advertising present this valuable guerrilla marketing training for your organization or if you would like to discuss how to carry out these strategies for your organization, please contact Accelerated Advertising at 845-536-2019 or complete the email form on the right side of the page.