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“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

~ Bill Bernbach

Can Trust Propel A Business In The Digital Age?

We have all heard the saying nice guys finish last.  We have seen examples where those who play politics in a large company outmaneuver those who play by the rules.  I’ve seen salespeople rewarded for getting the sale without much focus on how they got it.  In the past, I also had the “pleasure” of straightening out accounts that were the “handiwork” of salespeople who would do or say anything to get the signature  These “cutthroats” can do well in a short sprint or a Machiavellian company.  However, it is very difficult to reestablish trust once it is broken.  In local businesses, your reputation is your most valuable asset.  People want to buy from people they can trust, who are very knowledgeable and skilled at their profession, and who are likable and give 5-star service.  Additionally, people do not refer people who do not have these characteristics.  Ultimately, the businessperson who understands how to build and leverage trust almost always outlasts the unethical ones in the marathon of building and running a long-standing thriving local business.

I’d Like To Discuss How Guerrila Marekting Training Can Help My Organization

Why Is Trust So Important Today

Your reputation can propel you and your business to the position of a market leader, and this is based on trust, delivering what was promised as well as 5-star service. In small businesses, your reputation and every interaction with consumers is your brand.  Did you know almost 90% of consumers read online reviews?  Eight out of ten trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, over 90% state quality reviews make them more likely to use a business, and only 19% will consider a company with less than a 3-star reputation.  Whether the review is online or given by a trusted friend, it builds trust that you will deliver what you promise.  The vast majority of people will not buy until they trust.  Understanding how trust is built and transferred and being trustworthy allows you to utilize trust as a competitive advantage.

Who Can Best Utilize The Training?

If you are a trustworthy business person dedicated to excellence and delivering 5-star service, this training can teach you how to turn the trust you have earned into referrals and new business. Would you like to learn how to develop deeper relationships with business associates that lead to more referrals?  It starts with hyper-focused listening and six simple tips to have more people like and trust you.  Many business people have years of experience and expertise in their field and are authorities in their field, but no one is aware of it.  The program is ideal for the business person who wants to learn new ways and techniques to promote their expertise and authority which is the final ingredient in getting people to refer you – they know. like and trust you and are aware you are an expert in your field.   Finally, business people who want to desire to learn new ways to earn referrals will be taught eight ways to earn referrals.

Topics Covered in Guerrilla Marketing
In The Digital Age

  • How to develop trust – Dr. Frances Fri’s trust triangle
  • The magic of delivering 5-star service and a dedication to excellence
  • The Law of Reciprocity
  • Becoming a hyper-focused listener
  • Six keys to having people like you
  • Consistency of character builds trust over time
  • The importance of being an authority in your profession
  • How to market your authority and expertise
  • Eight ways to earn  referrals
Al Garlick Presetning Guerrilla Marekting In The digital Age at Microsoft's Store in Westchester County NY
Al Garlick Presetning Guerrilla Markeing in the digital age

How we provide this training

We provide Guerrilla Marketing In The Digital Age as a keynote speaker or a broader 1 hr primer for businesses and organizations.  Additionally, we can provide small group or one-on-one training. We have participated in Microsoft’s training series at their Westchester store, Chambers of Commerce, and iCan Global’s educational series, which was beamed to members worldwide.

The training can be customized for individual organizations’ needs. If you have questions, give us a call at 845-536-2019.

I’d Like To Discuss How Guerrila Marekting Training Can Help My Organization

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