Four Tips to help fight off hackers

Don’t let this nightmare happen to you!

Computer hacker in Rockland Coutny

Computer hackers are becoming more sophisticated every day.

Recently, one of my clients, that I had developed a website for, had their website hacked.  He had his site hosted with one of the country’s most well-known hosting companies, and he had purchased their backup services and anti-malware package.  He thought he was secure.  The problem was that he purchased these services a few years ago.  When he called them, they informed him that they would charge him $900+ to restore his site.  He called me, and I called got on the line with him, and we called the company.  The rep told me that they do not sell either of the packages anymore as they do not work well and they now have better solutions.  I asked why no one called my client to tell him and offer him services that do work.  Two hours later, and two levels up in management, I finally got to someone who was authorized to think and solve problems.  He purchased the new one-click backup system and the new security system and they called it even.  It took them four days to restore his site.  He called me and told me it was back up.   I happened to check his site out a few days later and found that none of his links worked from his home page.  It seemed when they posted the site the links were broken.  No one informed my client.  I felt so bad for him; we immediately repaired the linking problem for him, even though it was his hosting company that caused the problem.


I am sure you have heard of the ransomware attacks where hackers are holding website and computers hostage… Here are four simple ways you can help better defend your website:

  1. Contact your web hosting company and make sure you have the latest backup system. The better ones are now one-click.
  2. Purchase up to date anti-malware
  3. Purchase an SSL (security) certificate
  4. Update the plugin on your site and invest in having someone periodically update them – older ones often are more easily hacked.

These are very inexpensive and can provide the first line of defense against hackers.  We recommend using the services of a large company with the resources to help you prevent a hack.  However, you must make sure that will receive the service you need if you are.  The truth is, if hackers can get inside of some of the government’s websites, they can hack most small business’ sites.  Having quality back-up, up to date security including and SSL certificate and regularly updating your site are a great way to ward off many hackers…  PLEASE – check that yours are up to date so that you do not have to go through what my client did.


Al Garlick
Accelerated Advertising