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How can a small marketing firm in Rockland County
fight back against Hurricane Sandy?

This year giving thanks at Thanksgiving has a special meaning to me.  Hurricane Sandy’s wrath is still being felt thought out the NY and NJ areas.  A matter of fact, at this writing, I am one of the ones who are still without electricity or heat.  A tree came down on my place and the branches punched holes like spears though out my place.  They missed me and I am thankful I am Okay.   I can fix my place – unlike those whose homes or businesses that were wiped out.    When I finally got to a place with electricity I saw how many people were impacted  much more severely than me  and I thought how can I help????

How can a guy who’s firm does boutique marketing – Rockland County fight back against Sandy?

I run a small firm that does boutique marketing – Rockland County as well as Westchester, Bergen, Metro NYC and the Hudson Valley.  My associate and I thought of a t-shirt and a marketing campaign with the profits going to the victims of Sandy.   My problem is that I am running around speaking with FEMA, my insurance company and contractors, while still running my company and providing service to our clients.  I thought: “What is a fund-raiser that has minimal time requirement that can have a big impact?”  Then it hit me…. Challenge firms and people to step up and help those who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy… then do my best to get the message to go viral.  Going viral is where I need your help….

Viral Marketing is People Power on Steroids – Please Help!

I am going to donate 5% of my net profits from my marketing firm in Rockland County to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Will that help? Yes a little.  Here is where is can have real impact…. I am challenging all businesses to donate 5% of their net profits from now until the New Year to the Red Cross or a local charity working to help those who have lost so much.  I ask that business owners  and non-business owners to do two things.  First give what you can to the charity of your choice and secondly share this with as many of your friends and associates as possible (twitter, Facebook, Linked In….).  Business owners – once you take the pledge – go to my website and download the 5% Sandy Relief Supporter icon.   Then place it on your site so that your prospects and customer’s know you care and they are helping Sandy Survivors by doing business with you!    If we can get this to go viral, we can have a huge impact by having thousands of businesses and people step up and help our neighbors get back on their feet.   For those of you with a business that is still operating you know that you are one of the lucky ones…. I ask you to please take a moment at Thanksgiving and give a helping hand to those who need their spirits and lives picked up and jump started.  After all, we are Americans – there is no other county on earth who, when disaster strikes, gives so much.  Yes this time it was our friends and neighbors from New York and New Jersey that were hit.  We know how strong these people are… however this Thanksgiving let’s give them even more reason to be thankful that they live in the USA.  Just give a little and pass this on.  Together we will help the people, who truly need it, get back on their feet.  Can you think of a better way to give thanks at Thanksgiving?

The Robin Hood foundation is putting 100% of each dollar to the relief effort:


Here is a list of Hurricane Sandy charities that have received an A or B ratings form the American Institute of Philanthropy’s website:

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Top-rated hurricane Sandy charities perform favorably in relation to CharityWatch benchmarks:
1) A charity should spend at least 75% of its budget on program services.
2) Charities should spend no more than $25 to raise $100.

In Rockland County People to People does a great job of getting food and aid into the hands of people that need it most.

Additionally, there are many religious organizations that are on the ground delivering food, clothing and comfort.  You may want to check with your religious leaders too….