Time To Give Back

Light in the depth of your darkness thumbnailTime To Give Back


Who do you know whose business  is still struggling from the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy or any other natural disaster?  Do you know a good person and a good businessperson who has had a series of misfortunes hit them that have been out of their control?  I know what this is like…  I have survived Hurricane Sandy, a series of immediate family members with major hospitalizations and life-threatening diseases.  In the middle of it, I had loved ones telling me to give up my business…  I thought about it and at the time it may have sounded nuts to them, but I said, I went through all of this… I am not giving up my dream too.  There were time (even quite recently) that I operated with no reserve, had to “rob Peter to pay Paul”.  In the midst of this, a very successful friend of mine reached out to me and told me, that almost everyone, who is successful, went through similar times.  Although he and his brothers sold their business to a very large company for millions… he told me of the time when he did not know how he was going to pay his bills.  When my computer was dying, he offered to lend me the money to buy a new one…   Additionally, when Sandy hit my home, and it was surrounded by the yellow police tape for six weeks, my sister took me in, she also lent me some money to keep me afloat…  Sometimes in the depth of our darkness… a ray of light shines through on us…

We are only eighteen days into January, and Accelerated Advertising is on track to have its best January ever…  Is this because  we have been working and marketing very hard?  Yes, without that no business grows.  Is it because, we have a good reputation and skill set?  Yes, again.  However, when we are facing very tough times we remember how bad luck and things out of our control contribute and we remember how amazing it is when out of nowhere someone offers a helping hand.  It is just as important to remember and be thankful for the good times…  Right now fortune is shining on us, and it is time to give back.

Ninety-nine percent of local business cannot afford a branding campaign.  (a steady stream of TV, radio, newspaper and internet advertising focused on making people aware of the company).  A matter of fact in the local arena your reputation is your brand!  So…we are going to deliver a video to promote one firm’s reputation with professional graphics, actor or actress and voice over  at no cost to the winner!  Moreover, the person making the nomination will deliver the surprise (if they want to).  We want to help you be that light…that lifts their heart, spirits and gives them needed encouragement.  We need you to nominate a worthy person by Jan 30th, 2015.

Who do you know who is good at their business, gives back to their community,  is a good person and has faced a devastating situation that was out of their control?  Who fits this description and could use a helpful hand to encourage them and lift them?  Send your one- page  description of this person, their business, what happened and why they deserve to be helped out of the blue to info@acceleratedadvertising.com.   Accelerated Advertising is going to pick one business person to receive this gift of hope…

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