5 -start local branding

A 5-star reputation is the key to effective local branding

Developing, maintaining and marketing a five-star reputation is the primary key to local branding. You can out-spend your competition on adverting to develop a brand identity. You can out-spend the competition with quality on-lines strategies. However, if you are not dedicated to building and marketing a stellar reputation you will undermine all of your local branding and marketing activities. Recently, I had the privilege to see the results of a focus group. The participants had to choose who they would contact first… Over half chose the business with the great 5-star reputation. Just over 1/4 chose the business with the cheapest price and just under 20% chose the business that came up first in the search results. ATTENTION…. this is a major C-change! This research is indicating that internet users are becoming more and more savvy… The big take-away for me was this: If you want to maximize your on-line marketing and in the process develop my local branding, you need to do three thing:

  1. Develop a stellar reputation and market it.
  2. Develop a great offer that will be irresistible – especially if you can offer something that is not expensive and has a value that is much more than the price.  A reasonable price and a great value makes the decision easy and allows the customer to experience your products and services with very little risk.  When handled properly, the customer’s trust in you grows.
  3. Invest in ranking high enough so that prospective buyers can find my reputation and offer.

Simply put this is a 3 step process to winning on-line. In the end, your 5-star reputation is the key to ROI and to developing quality local brand.


Author: Al Garlick


Topic:  local branding