Guerrilla Marketing Master TrainerWhat exactly is Guerrilla Marketing you ask?

Guerrilla marketing is achieving traditional marketing goals in untraditional manners that utilize energy, creativity, innovation, information and technology instead of “carpet bombing” techniques that are costly and have lots of waste.  Accelerated Advertising located in Nanuet, New York, has always been dedicated to finding the quickest and most cost-effective way to achieve our client’s goals (guerrilla marketing tactics).  Guerrilla marketers focus on one primary thing – PROFITS.  Small businesses need to discover their most profitable markets, as well as, understand and communicate why they are the best value to these people in order to maximize their marketing returns.  Guerrillas will work hard and track their marketing activities and then adding to the profitable activities while cutting back or dropping less profitable activities.  Guerrilla marketers persist until they develop the most cost-effective way to turn the people from their “Sweet spot” into happy repeat customers who refer additional business to them.  Once they find the most cost-effective way to attract and sell to their “Sweet-Spot” they keep at it and mine the gold….  By the way, Guerrillas also know that it is much easier and less expensive to sell to existing customers than to finding new ones so they keep their relationships warm and take great care of them.  They treat their clients as if their business depends upon it… because they know it does!

My philosophy of helping our clients to focus on what is most profitable has been exactly in line with Jay Levinson’s (the father of guerrilla marketing) philosophy.  When Jay and Al Garlick, the President of Accelerated Advertising met, Jay reviewed Al’s portfolio and said “You’ve been living Guerrilla Marketing for years.”  Al’s response was “I don’t care if my client places an ad on the Super Bowl or on a used napkin – I only care if the activity reaches my client’s most profitable markets and produces the highest ROI.” (In plain English – Return On Investment)

This is the heart of a guerrilla marketing campaign.   Some of you know that I am now a Master Trainer for Jay’s Guerrilla Marketing International and provide Guerrilla Marketing services, training and coaching in the Metro New York Area, Westchester, Rockland, Bergen, Fairfield counties, as well as around the country.  I have always focused on cost-effective results but now Jay’s organization and Accelerated Advertising work together.  If you know someone who may need some help have them follow my blog as I will be giving helpful hints that may aid them in growing in this tough economy.

By the way… here’s what Jay has to say about me:

“Al Garlick, who is the mastermind behind Accelerated Advertising, has joined the Guerrilla Marketing International family — which makes every member of the family very happy because Al is a pure guerrilla marketer when it comes to copy, design, and strategy.  He is a winner in every way which makes us delighted because it means he’ll make a lot of other people out there into a winner as well

–    Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

Below is a link to my website.  If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about discovering and selling to your “Sweet-Spot” check it out.  If they are serious about growing let them know that there is a way to get a FREE consultation on the site.  If I can help them I will let them know… If I cannot I will be honest with them.  If you or someone you know would like to receive free marketing information that can help you grow cost-effectively – by all means click on the yellow button on my website that is titled Please send me free marketing information that can help me Out-think, Out-Market and Out-Sell my competition – I’d be glad to send them ideas and strategies that can help them beat their competition to the most profitable customers….

I am looking for your feedback on topics that would help you to grow your business.  I’d love to hear from you and will be glad to address topics of interest.

Happy Marketing,

Al Garlick