15 Tips to Help Keep Business Relationships Warm and Growing

The old saying that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care should be your inspiration to building better relationships with your customers.  We can assist you in maintaining and growing your relationships with current customers.  We will discuss your needs and help you to develop several avenues to better customer relationships.  Some of the ways that we can help you are by:

  • developing newsletters deliverable  traditionally and by e-mail
  • mail or e-mail information to clients on additional ways you can help them
  • Direct mail. Post cards and e-mail programs to cross sell
  • seasonal cards, letters and mailings
  • holiday cards
  • call occasionally to say hello – be a friend ask how you can help them
  • meet for coffee to discover how you can help refer business to them
  • introduce them to one of your contacts that might be a good source of referrals for both parties
  • send them premiums
  • drop by with a gift of food – a pie, some candy – make sure it is quality
  • bring them as a guest to another organization, club or country club that might benefit them.
  • Display their brochure in you place of business
  • Have some fun together – go to a concert, bring spouses to dinner, golf, go to sporting event, have a drink after work – get to know one another personally
  • Include their flyer in your mailings or mention them in a newsletter
  • Be real – people know when you are being authentic or phony…
  • Ask for their opinion – if you are having a business challenge that they might help with ask for their opinion –most people will be thrilled that you asked for their advice.