The warm market activities include cross-selling, up-selling current customers and gaining referrals from customers, business associates and friends and family.  It is a market that many businesses and for that matter many marketing firms  do not pay enough attention to.  When people trust you – sales happen quicker.  In the warm market trust has already been earned with your happy customers and it is transferred to you when you receive a referral.  This is why warm market leads close 3-4 times quicker and easier and with less pressure on price than lead developed from other sources.  This is why we help our clients develop a warm market marketing plan.  If done correctly the profits from this activity can help you develop a war chest that will fund the additional marketing that will propel your business to the profit levels you desire.

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If you are a small business, we distribute a quality line of greeting cards for businesses that you can buy, customize and send out from your computer.

The cards we carry are for the following topics:

Thank you, asking for referrals, asking for appointments, nice speaking/meeting with you, welcome (to new customers), invitations, motivational, holidays, sympathy, as well specialty cards for a variety of businesses.  Plus we can help you do a custom card for to cover any topic you like….

If you have a large number of customers, we do highly personalized custom cards, postcards extremely creative direct mail designed to increase referrals and keep your warm market warm.