Happy customers are the fastest, easiest and most profitable people to sell to.  Every company should, and very few do, have a program for reselling current customers.  When we speak to a prospect for the first time, they do not have much trust in us.  However, by the time they buy, they believe that we are the best choice.  A program designed to keep the relationship warm is one of the most profitable things a company can do.  The most obvious thing to do is send a personalized thank you note.  New customers should also be cultivated to buy more from you.  Let’s say you are a contractor.  If you sold the customer a deck and they are happy, what do you think the odds are that they would give you first shot at redoing their basement if you gently remind them that you do this? – Very high.   What do you think the odds are if you do not remind them that you do basement remodeling too? – Very low.  We can help you develop cost-effective customer retention, up-selling  and cross-selling programs as well as programs to keep your value message in front of them in a positive manner.

Referral Programs

Word of mouth has always been and always will be the most cost-effective lead generation tool for quality businesses with fair prices.  The only problem with referrals is that they usually do not fill up the entire week….  Before we advise you to invest in other lead generation techniques, we will explore methods of getting more referrals.