I must warn you –
As a Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer I hold a radical philosophy on marketing and marketing strategies
                                  – Al Garlick , Pres.  Accelerated Advertising 

We believe that small and mid-sized business must focus on profits, profits and profits!!!  We don’t care about the status of a particular marketing activity.  If it reaches and gets your target market to act cost-effectively, it should be part of your guerrilla marketing mix.

Accelerated Advertising is a big proponent of utilizing unconventional techniques to produce the same results that expensive “carpet bombing” techniques do… and investing the savings in additional cost-effective marketing to accelerate growth and profits!  Many advertising agencies will tell you that you must brand at all costs.  Yes, branding is extremely important.

However, if you are a smaller business that cannot afford hundreds of thousands of dollars to brand, we propose the following.  Let Accelerated Advertising help you discover your “Sweet Spot” and then help you develop a guerrilla marketing plan to Out-Think, Out-Market and Out-Sell your competition in this, your most profitable market.  Our clients commit to being the best value to their “sweet-spot” and by doing so they brand themselves as the value leader in their most profitable, easiest to sell market.

If you cannot afford to brand to the entire market, focus on your most profitable one.  In the end they are the ones that count most and the ones that will produce the majority of your profits!  We’ll help you to develop a guerrilla marketing plan to accomplish this cost effectively.

Accelerated Advertising understands the financial limitations of small and mid-sized firms to “throw money at the market” so we help you develop a guerrilla marketing campaign to out-sell your competition in your critical markets rather than implemnting “carpet bombing” programs with huge budgets.  We have found that firms that commit to our process accelerate the profitability of their advertising and marketing.  In the end that is the name of the game – accelerated growth and profit in a controllable manner!

“Al Garlick, who is the mastermind behind Accelerated Advertising, has joined the Guerrilla Marketing International family — which makes every member of the family very happy because Al is a pure guerrilla marketer when it comes to copy, design, and strategy.  He is a winner in every way which makes us delighted because it means he’ll make a lot of other people out there into a winner as well.”
–    Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series of books

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